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Preplanning Before Death Occurs

Preparing and preplanning for death is never an easy task to tackle.  No one wants to think about death or the life either. The truth is death normally occurs unexpectedly and will throw anyone for a loop.

You want to first gather property deeds, vehicle titles, official certificates and the contact information for your attorney, insurance broker and doctor.  Gathering all this information will make it easier for yourself and loved ones as you begin the preplanning stages for your final wishes.

A will is one of the most important preplanning documents you can have in place.  The will details where you would like your most cherished valuables to go and who you would like to handle the distribution of your estate.  You can also name a legal guardian for your children and leave instructions for the care of your pets.  The execution of a living well is where you have listed your wishes when it comes to breathing tubes, feeding tubes and other life sustaining medical treatments.

Updating your beneficiaries is critically important.  If you have life insurance, retirement accounts or pensions, you want to be sure you have beneficiaries listed all accounts as these accounts transfer to the beneficiary listed once death occurs.

Lastly, please talk to your loved ones.  Getting everything down on paper is not enough but talking to your loved ones about your final wishes is priceless.  This talk will help your loved ones be clear on what you want and it is more likely that your final wishes will be followed.