Grief Support

Helping Families through their Grief Journey

At PFH, the obligation to our families rises far beyond the arrangements for the funeral service and burial. We know the loss of a loved one can be overwhelming. We have many resources available to help with the grief process. Visit some of them below.

Center for Loss & Life Transition

This website offers an extensive collection of books, articles and other resources to help people who are grieving.

The Healing Spirit

Saving Lives. Restoring Health. Giving Hope.

National Alliance for Grieving Children

No child should have to grieve alone.

National Mental Health Information Center

National Government website giving advice and resources on how to deal with grief.

NFDA Consumer Resources

Provided by the National Funeral Directors Association, you will find helpful information about arranging a funeral, bereavement and ideas on “personalization” on this website. The loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult experiences of life. Resources on this website can help those mourning the loss of a loved one with ways to cope with their grief, ideas for memorial services and funerals and a way to locate their local NFDA Member Funeral Director.

NFDA Member Funeral Directors abide by a professional code of conduct that ensures they care for your loved one with the compassion and respect you expect for your loved one.