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More people are choosing cremation for their loved ones. But deciding whom to entrust with the process can be just as important. At Peninsula Funeral Home, we perform the cremation ourselves on-site so your loved one never leaves our care.

There are several options when deciding on cremation of a loved one including scattering or keeping them in an urn. Deciding on where to scatter the remains can occur at a place that has a special meaning or be completed in a cemetery, garden, or at sea. It is important to note that the scattering of ashes is prohibited in many areas. Oftentimes, an urn is placed in a place that has a special meaning, such as over a mantle, in a garden, community mausoleum niche, urn mausoleum, or buried in a gravesite space.

Cremation service costs tend to be less expensive than a traditional ceremony especially when pre-planning a service.

There are three types of cremation services. Deciding which one is best for you and your family is ultimately a personal choice.

The first, a memorial service, is very similar to a funeral service. The deceased is not present at a memorial service. Instead, the cremation occurs just a few days after death, and an urn is present at the memorial service. At the service, there may be religious readings and/or stories about the deceased. The service is usually held at a funeral home or place of worship.

The second type of cremation is a funeral service viewing of the deceased followed by cremation. This service allows loved ones to hold a viewing of the body, followed by a typical service involving readings and a eulogy. Like the memorial service, there may be religious readings and/or stories about the deceased. The cremation occurs after this service..

The third option is immediate cremation. This basic type of cremation usually occurs within ten business days of death. The body is cremated and remains are returned to the family without any type of service.

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