Burial Services

A Burial Service Starts the Process of Healing

When you lose someone close to you, coping with the loss is never easy. A funeral service is a way for those who have been left behind to start healing and eventually find closure. Although there is no rush in the grieving process, a service may help you to more fully experience and express your feelings, while coming to terms with the loss.

Bringing together family and friends helps everyone connect, share memories, and offer each other much-needed comfort and support. At Peninsula Funeral Home members of our experienced staff are here to assist you in planning and implementing a meaningful service that celebrates your loved one’s unique life.

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At times the thought of arranging a funeral seems too difficult for those who have recently suffered a loss. Our experienced staff is here to help lighten your burden and remind you of the true value a ceremony can hold for you and your family. Fill out the form, and an advisor will contact you shortly.