Delores Kitchin

Delores Kitchen, 70, passed away on Thursday, August 24, 2023.


  1. Edward Olslhansky

    I Had The Blessing, As Well As The Pleasure, Of Working With This Kind, And Caring, And Dedicated, Nurse, At Riverside Regional Medical Center, And Her Concern, And Her Devotion, To Her Patients, As Well As Her Compassion, And Her Willingness, And Desire, To Work Closely With Her Fellow Nurses, So That Those Patients Were Taken Care Of As A Team, And Not By Individual Nurses, Was A Testament To Her Character. May The Memory Of Delores Kitchin Always Be For A Blessing, And May Her Soul Rest In Everlasting Peace.

  2. Mary C. Pancoast

    Speedy, I hope you know how much we loved you. Your patients loved you, too. It was an honor to work with you. Mary C. Pancoast CNA Riverside Hospital

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