Clay Travis Taylor

Clay Travis Taylor, 36, passed away Saturday, April 2, 2022 after a long struggle, that took him from us far too soon.

Born on August 5, 1985 in Newport News, VA, Clay was a veteran of the United States Army, where proudly served in an airborne unit.

Growing up Clay had a charisma about him that could win anyone over, he always wanted to be a friend to everyone and never met a stranger. Clay had a huge heart and deeply loved his family and friends.

Clay is survived by his mother, Vanessa Powell; stepfather, Wayne Powell; father, Greg Taylor; sister, Lindsey (Robert) Boyer, as well as nieces and nephew, grandparents, aunts and uncles; an abundance of loving cousins and many friends who had the pleasure of knowing him and truly calling him family.

Clay is now at peace, and he will be deeply missed by all. We will always cherish the good memories and times that we spent together.

Clay’s family will receive family and friends 2 to 4 p.m. on Saturday, April 30th at 23 Semple Farm Road in Hampton, VA 23666.

Arrangements are under the care of Peninsula Funeral Home, 11144 Warwick Blvd., Newport News, VA 23601.


  1. Steve Bazemore

    Gone too soon man. Hadn’t seen you in a while, but I will miss your funny Facebook memes. Rest In Power friend. 👏🏻✊🏻

  2. MARIE Maxwell

    It’s so hard to believe that you are really gone, you are out of sight but will never be out of our hearts and minds, love you so much sweet guy.

  3. Greg Taylor (father)

    “SON” you left us way 2 soon & 4 all the wrong reasons & you just don’t know the “HEART-ACHE & BREAK” that it has left me with & will 4 the rest of my time here on earth & that’ kind of “PAIN” will never leave me because my “HEART & SOUL” has a “MAJOR-HOLE” in them that can & will never will be replaced in any size, shape or form & i can remember the day you were born “SON” like it was yesterday & i saw the “BRIGHTESS-LIGHT” that day that i have ever seen in my lifetime & i truly do “LOVE & MISS-YOU-CLAY” every second of every day LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE-YOU-SO-MUCH-SON” & this is definitely the worst pain that i will ever feel until my time comes 2 leave this world myself & i have & still do have what i call my “CLAY-MOMENTS” & that’s when the “TEARS & HEART-ACHE” is more than i can bear don’t know how this is going 2 end up playing out 4 me in the end but i guess i will deal with it as best i can each & every day “SON” & this is by far the worst & hardest pain 4 a parent 2 have go through & deal with all day every day “SON” & i really & truly do “LOVE & MISS-YOU” more than i can put into words & i truly do hope that you are in a better place now & at least the demons that you were fighting here can’t mess with anymore & i just don’t “UNDERSTAND’ why it had 2 end this way 4 for “SON” but maybe some day i will but that definitely isn’t going 2 be this day or even tomorrow but maybe that day will happen sometime before my time comes 2 it’s end here & again, “I-TRULY-DO-LOVE & MISS-YOU-SON” & i am having 1 of my “CLAY-MOMENTS” as i am writting this message because it is just “UN-FUCKING-REAL” the way that we had 2 loose you “SON” but it is what it is & i will see you again some day & it’s just “SOOOOOOO-DAMN-HEART-BREAKING” 4 me 2 even think about this shit & i hope & pray that “GOD” is taking good care of you as we speak “CLAY” LOVE & MISS-YOU-SO-MUCH-SON” & i just don’t know what else 2 say at this time & point because my words can never express the “PAIN” that i am feeling here “SON” LOVE & MISS-YOU-ALWAYS & FOREVER”

  4. Greg Taylor (father)

    “LOVE & MISS-YOU-SON” more than my words could & would ever be able 2 say & explain the “HEART-ACHE” that loosing you like this has left me with & the “MAJOR-HOLE” that this shit has left in my “HEART & SOUL” that can & never will be replaced because i remember the day that you were born like it was yesterday & i saw the “BRIGHTESS-LIGHT” at that very second that i have & ever will see again in my lifetime “CLAY” & now that light has “DIMMED” so damn bad that i now i can’t see 2 inches in front of my “FACE” because this shit is just “SOOOOOO-DAMN-UNREAL” that it feels like it’s all just a “BAD-ASS-DREAM” that i just can’t seem 2 “WAKE-THE-HELL-UP” from “SON” & i always hoped & prayed that my ass could & would never, ever live 2 see because this is by far the “WORST-FEELING” that any parent can & will feel & this shit should b e the other way around where you are sending my ass away from this world but i guess “GOD” had a different plan 4 both of us on this deal & i hope & pray that he is taking good care of of you as we speak here & i guess i will see you yet again once my time has expired here & yes “SON” i really & truly do”LOVE & MISS-YOU” more than my words could possibly ever say “BIG-GUY” all day long every damn day & i do have what i call my “CLAY-MOMENTS” a few times on any given day at any given moment & that’s when the “TEARS & HEART-ACHE” that i feel behind all of this shit hits my ass “FULL-BLAST” & it will be that way until my ass goes away from here “SON” ” LOVE & MISS-YOU-CLAY” mre than you or i could possibly imagine “LOVE & MISS-YOU” every second of every day & i know we had our conflicts here shortly before all of this crazy shit happened between us but either way at the end of the dayyou were my “SON” from the “CRADLE-2-THE-GRAVE” & i am all tore up over this shit all day long every day & that’s my story & my ass is sticking 2 it okay “SON”

  5. Jared Brown

    A selfless heart bursting with energy. Always passionately standing up for what he thought was right. A bully’s bully. Clay was a honorable, straight up, one of a kind guy. A genuine human being and truly good person. Life was cut short, but the memories will live on forever. A best friend and a brother. Until we meet again. I love you, Clay.

  6. Tracy Porter

    To me he will always that precious baby, precious boy, precious teenager, and precious man. He will always be loved by all. Thought of often and I know he will still bring smiles to our faces as we think of him.

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