Sidney Charles Hickman

Sidney “Buddy” C. Hickman passed away Friday, November 12, 2021 at home with his wife and daughter by his side. Buddy is survived by his wife of 57½ years, Betty G. Hickman; daughter, Nicole C. Walker and her husband Chris A. Walker; grandson, Charles “Charlie” G. Walker; step-grandson, CJ Walker and his wife Grace Walker; 2 loving cats, Ralphie and Jingo; and special and close friends, Will Norton and Larry Williams.

Buddy retired after 37 years with Newport News Shipbuilding. After retirement Buddy became a Bail Bondsman for 20 plus years. He was a dedicated family man who loved his family, animals and muscle cars. His daughter Nicole and grandson Charlie were the light of his life.

In lieu of flowers please donate to your local animal shelter and/or the American Cancer Society.

Thank you to nurse Jordan with Riverside Hospice and much appreciation to the Bon Secours Hospice team. Buddy will be missed so much. We ask all to be kind to animals and each other.



    Betty and family, We are so very sorry to hear of Buddy’s passing. Just know we are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers!

  2. Julian H Draper

    I am sorry to learn of BUDDY passing, have a lot of fond memories, working on X42 SHIP REPAIR me on day shift he on 2nd, he was a great mechanic an terrific supervise, he an his crew saved my butt lots of time getting the work done, i guess we worked together 25 years, he was a good leader an his crew got the work done an enjoyed working for him he loved to laugh an play pranks on anyone. Again i am sorry an may GOD’S grace ease the grief the family is going though

  3. Nicole Walker

    We are here; me, Mom and Charlie. Mom says she misses more and more every day. We went to the doctor for mom today they got her taken care of … she is in the clear. We wish you were there with us. Mom says she tells you “Good night each night and she says she loves you. I made dinner for us and we 3 ate together tonight. We are thankful you have no more pain. It does not get easier without you. We look at pictures and talk about you everyday. We will forever do this! Will and Larry have continued to check on us. Charlie says he misses you so much He asked Santa could he see his Pop one more time? Dad I miss you and promise I will forever hold you in my heart. (Cole)
    I will always love you. (Bee)

  4. Nicole Walker

    Dad Tonight Charlie and I made Mom’s birthday cake. We will get her tomorrow and have her over. She picked spaghetti So I will make spaghetti for her. We miss you so bad, Charlie cried for over an hour last night. This is the hardest thing to deal with.

    We love you Dad!!!

  5. Earl Slone

    Buddy .. l will remember you as a good brother in law and friend ..lrene and l thought so much of you .. we loved you and will miss you .. please rest now and know l will keep my promise..

  6. Nicole

    Dad It’s March now and I miss you more than ever. Mom has been in the hospital and I was scared to death. I got her home and then she fell and broke her collar bone. I am worried every day. Dad I miss our texts and calls, you were always there for me and I am lost without you. I will forever be broken by this and I can assure my love will never fade. I am there for mom and always will be!

  7. Cole

    Dad I told Mom I finally have logged back in here. Mom said to tell you she loves you and misses you. Chris has rrally stepped up and helped so much. Charlie still wears your hat everyday. He misses you so much. He is so sad without you.

    We love you and talk about you everyday!

  8. Nicole C Walker

    Dad, I lost Mom Wednesday and I am heartbroken beyond words. Mom fought so very hard, she said Tuesday, she wanted to live. She tried so hard, she was so weak. She is my bestfriend and I need her so bad. I know she missed you so much and was so scared without you. I tried Dad, I really did. Chris, Charlie and I were there everyday. I couldn’t fill your shoes as hard as I tried. She grieved for you so hard, her heart was already broken and without you her heart could not go on. Dad I miss you and now I will miss Mom. I love you both with every ounce of my being.


  9. Nicole Walker

    Dad, today is Easter. First Easter without you and beyond beleif it is without Mom too. I remember last Easter you felt so bad. You were not able to eat, you were so pale and weak. I drove you and Mom home. I am so sad everyday, I cry constantly. I was at yall’s house last night. Crying so hard, telling you and Mom it is not supposed to be like this. I miss you so much! Life will never be the same. Charlie got a giant bean bag from me and Chris. Mom chose a beautiful bowling ball and a bag to match for Charlie’s Easter gift. I have already cried today and will cry again and again.

    I love you Dad, forever!


  10. Cole

    Dad today is May 1. 2022 Today is your birthday. I am so sad and lost today as I am every day. I honestly do not see this ever getting easier. I love you and miss you so much. I live with sadness and anger Life will not be complete My heart is broken and carry’s a pain

  11. Nicole Walker

    Dad Today is 2 months without Mom and 6 months without you. I am as depressed today as I was at those days. My life is so different without you and Mom. We are over at the house every day it is the one place I feel you and Mom. Dad, Chris and I have been working constantly at the house. We opened the pool new liner and boards being replaced on the deck. It looks so nice I have sit over and over I wish so bad you and Mom could be a part of this. I love you so much.

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